sábado, 11 de agosto de 2012

Auschwitz, Grécia?

9/8/12 Welcome to Auschwitz, Larisa, Greece - ''It might look like a scene from the Schindler's List but this is happening in Greece 2012. 
Against all international laws, Greek police is gathering up -like livestock- immigrants as soon as 
they get off trains at Larisa station.
The mass media is backing up this disgraceful practice. According to the media "one out of four immigrants has no valid documents". Of course, that sounds very different than "three out of four immigrants DO have valid documents" which won't sell as good.
What they don't tell us is who brought all those immigrants and who took advantage of them all these years. Who had them working as slaves without medical insurance, sleeping like livestock in horrible conditions.
The irony behind all this is that the police operation is called 'Xenios Zeus'. Xenios Zeus was the god of hospitality.''


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